Who is your favortie anime/manga character(s)?
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My favorite manga character is Haru Glory(Rave Master).

My favorite anime characters are Ichigo(Bleach) and Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist).
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this thread already exist in anime forum named coolest

so i am saying the same comment
Roronoa Zoro from one piece because he can deal with a lot of pain and is very strong
Onizuka from GTO because he is a teacher that behaves like a yakuza but still gives a lot about his students
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it already exists in my thread and i made in August....
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For both anime and manga because what I read I watch, my favroite characters are Alice, Oz Vessalius, Edward Elric, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, and Konata Izumi.

My favorite character of all time is Alice. Maybe that is so because I am currently reading Pandora Hearts.
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Natsu Dragneel of FairyTail, Portagas D. Ace of One Piece, Colonel Mustang of Fullmetal Alchemist... Reason: Fire users - I find the power of fire very attractive ;-)
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hayate from hayate no gotoku.

he reminds me of myself except i dont have an indestructable body
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Shino for his understated Strength.
Rock Lee, because he is Rock Lee.
Konohamaru because he is mini naruto.

One Piece:
Luffy for his Stupidity.
Smoker, we don't see enough of him.

Fairy Tail:
Natsu, stupidly strong.
Gildartz, I think he is an older version of Natsu.
Master, because he is the master.

History's Strongest Disciple:
Apachai Hopachai, because he is awesome. I know not real reason, but can't explain, just like him.

Hajime No Ippos:
Makanouchi, because of his story and kindness even though he could mess nearly everyone up.

that is all i can think of at the moment.
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My top 5 anime characters are:

1. Sabaku no Gaara from Naruto, because he is just THE most awesome person in history!
2. L Lawliet from Death Note, because he is a little weird but still strong, good-looking and a real genius.
3. Hitsugaya Toushiro from Bleach, because he's a captain and so cool.
4. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, because Luffy is so stupid and funny but still incredibly strong.
5. Gajeel Reitfox from Fairy Tail, because he is so cool and bad-ass.
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