Manga Reviews anyone??
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This is my first time using the forms so please go easy on me ^.^

Well, I would like to know what you think about any series. It could be your favorite or it could be one you dont like much. It's your opinion and i respect that.

Thanky you
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hello panda

then i will tell u about GTO
GTO is awsome becuase the main character is a old yakuza and is trying to be a teacher because he wants the highschool girls to look at him, but the schools full of kids that pick on each other and teachers that are pervs.

And what makes this serie so cool is that onizuka really changed the kids to be more friendly (because he goes to extremes to help them)

hope u people liked what i was saying
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I will tell you about FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, which i consider to be a masterpiece, it has good action , interesting characters, a good plot and character development
The action of this manga takes place in a world where alchemy exist, in a country called Ametris where the military owns the power and they are using alchemists as weapons, but not all the alchemists work with the military.
The plot involves 2 brothers which tried to break the taboo in alchemy which implies reviving a dead person, but they failed and one of the brothers lost his body, his soul lives in an armour now, and the other brother lost one of his arm and one of his leg. So now they try to recover what they lost but searching for the philosopher stone which is a mythical alchemical item which is said to be possible to fulfil any alchemy without the use of equivalent change and from now their travel full of adventures begins which will involve the state alchemists and the army, mysterious creatures, wars and terrifying secrets which will change the brothers point of view about the world and what they are doing and want to do.
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Bitter Virgen

Has a good plot and yeah, not very good at this.
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