20th/21st Century Boys Questions
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so I wrapped up both 20th and 21st Century and boys and they're a lot of questions floating around in my mind so, if anyone can clear them up that would save me going through it all over again.

1. Why was Friend (both first and second) trying to destroy the world?
2. What was the whole point of the "Lie of 70/71" in the virtual attraction?
3. How was katsumata kun alive and didn't anyone ever notice him in all those years?
4. What happened to manjoume in the end? why does he disappears all of a sudden
5. What is the this faceless kid that everyone see?
6. Why is their a head of adult sadakiyo on a child's face in the virtual attraction. Friend made the machine and it is very clear that he knows how sadakiyo looked back then ever since the start

and if anyone can provide me any links with the whole recap and explanation of the story that would be really great

thanks in advance!
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