TOP 5 manga u like the most (not 4 or 6.... Damn only 5) GOTCHA
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Since it's a topic that already exist, I'd like people to keep it clean and easy to read

Explain why you liked'em in few words and tell what kind of manga it is.

My top 5

1.Samurai deeper Kyo (fight, good story and historical content)
2.Rave (Fantastic world and great fight)
3.Beelzebub (Guy who kick ass and lot of funny stuff)
4.Bleach (y'know mainstream manga. Hero gain power really fast)
5.Katekyo hitman reborn (Good story that never ends with great fights)
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Not in any particular order:

1. Liar Game - Psychological roller coaster. Love it. Simple games taken to the next level with twists and turns you wouldn't expect until you read it. Makes you think about humans and trust among other "ideals" that are tested. Also, comical bits pop up every now and again.

2. Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad) - Great slice of life and music manga. Characters are engaging and they're played out in a way that makes you want to root for them and hope the manga never ends. After getting to the end, I was desperately hoping that a sequel would be made. Art's kinda funky, but it grows on you and the funny parts are worth it.

3. Alive - The Final Evolution - Art's absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the "beginning problem" only lasts for several chapters before it takes a backseat to regular shonen fighting. However it deviates away from that with some really gory moments and a deep story into it's characters. Many characters are visually appealing. xD Always a plus.

4. REAL - Not your typical sports manga. The art is quite amazing. But even more so amazing are the characters. They're each able to have their own individual story. It's a mature take on sports because it's heavily based on wheelchair basketball and the troubles those who are disabled go through and the problems that have been caused to others.

5. Saru Lock - Yet another manga that I think has great art. The comedy in this one may be a little over the top at times, but it's immensely entertaining. Characters are the best, having their own little quirks. I'm in it mainly for the comedy and action, but there's a fair bit of ecchi for the fanservice fans.
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Bleach, Rosario+Vampire, Yankee-Kun to Megane-chan, sekirei and beelzebub (top 5)

(i'll put some explanations in why these are my top 5 later, quite busy right now )
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Naruto ( my fist anime/manga, its like part of my world now)
1/2 Prince ( its just so amazing! i love art and story line!)
Skip Beat( Kyoko, my fav character type! and I love part about revenge and never giving up XD)
Dengeki Daisy( well, i love art.... funny moments just hilarious( hope you understand what i mean), and I like personality of the main guy there... he's kinda ''gentle'' :D
Liar Game( this manga just!!! I love how smart and intense it is)

Damn I have many more fav mangas...
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1/2 Prince (I just love meatbun )
Fairy Tail ( It is awesome just love it )
D. Gray-man ( I love the anime but the manga it's getting hard to read)
Naruto (What else can I say)
One Piece ( It made me laugh)
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Rurouni Kenshin(it`s just too interesting)
Nurarihyon no Mago(always want to know what`s going on)
Fullmetal Alchemist(Too funny)
Bakuman(tells us something about the life of a magaka,which I think is very interesting)
Black Cat( Cannot stop to read it even if it has been completed long ago.)
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One Piece (It's funny, and I can't stop reading it)
PHD Phantasy Degree (ok, technicly it's manwha, but it's where I got into manga)
Fullmetal Alchemist (another starting point for me)
MAR (cute and fun!)
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1#Ao no Exorcist
5#Futari Ecchi(cool HUH)

Must read Ao no Exorcist I promise u will not be disappointed...

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#1 Naruto
#2 Bleach
#4 Kimi no Iru Machi
#5 One Piece
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2)hana to akuma
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You skipped #4, Yuna

My number 5 is... dunh dunh dunh Detective Conan! Er, maybe DN Angel... um... how about the first one...
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1. Rave Master
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. D. Gray Man
4.Fairy Tail
5. Higurashi When They Cry Series
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1- One Piece
2- DearS
3- 1/2 prince
4- The legend of maian
5- GTO
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#1 is Trigun It has a compelling story that makes you want to read it from start to finish. i think it's really unique, a one of a kind. It was my into to manga/manhwa/comics

2- Veritas- awesome fightingness really awesome art. not to wordy in explanations so it's good

3-Aeres technichally manhwa but o dpn't care. it's gpt good bloody killing and experiments and backstabbing and killing and fighting and it's cool and stuff

4-Jackals really bloody combat action

5-blackcat interesting sweeper concept the powers/abilities were a little weird though.
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1. Mahou Sensei Negima: Has a great story, art looks nice, and has some pretty epic battles.
2. One Piece: Amusing and lots of action. series is really long (to some people this is good to some its bad)
3. Fairy tail: art reminds me of one piece with a story that is just as good
4. Naruto: started reading a long time ago, it has grown on me
5. Love Hina: had an awesome storyline BUT, i am dissapoint by ending. feels like the mangaka was rushed ending it.
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