Thank you for purchasing Runescape items from our online store
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Our products are divided into two categories: non-delivery and partial delivery of products. We honor the claims for the following reasons:
Thank you for purchasing items Runescape from our online shop. Because game is totally virtual W Currency, so that means we do not refund the service that the prices are runescape gold . However, it is your responsibility to understand our policy before you buy things from us. But something strange has sometimes occur due to the characteristics of the virtual transaction. We are deeply understand your concerns about online shopping and we guarantee the security of your pers Nlichen information from our shop. Our customer service work around the block to provide a better service! Please read the first .
Non-delivery of the order will receive a full refund, no doubt. Although partial delivery debuying rs moneypends on the percentage of completion. Non-delivery to the customer k Orders can cancel at any time. Partial deliveries customer can: 1 Cancel JOB GE comes in part. Second Stop delivery at any time m Possible. Please be the T to be patient, buy rs gold the refund will be as soon as m Possible to process. Given our accounting arent working 24 hours a day, so it can be reimbursed for the costs of different waiting times. You k A refund within 30 minutes or can get a little more. But we will give you a refund for you within 24-48 hours. Our work
responsible customer service 24 hours a day, so z Like you to contact us if you have a cat to questions.Live or other means, have your choice.
We are proud to provide fast delivery of Runescape gold. Thousands of players have been our loyal customers for fast delivery. They have now No problem! Simply place your order and sit back and relax, thers is gold Will be delivered in a very short time.
Following conditions carefully before placing your order from here. runescape gold cheap It determines your rights and obligations regarding your Purch UFE. If you cancel a transaction if you pla t, please contact our live chat and tell them, wish the reason we are so fast as you possible repay. And we are to improve our service even on the basis of the refund reason you said. Please note that the t our free bonuses are not refundable compatibility available.
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