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Glee DVDGlee’s first season was interesting, when it started it was fresh, funny and funky. It was a smart cross between Election and High School Musical; it was almost a parody of itself in the best possible way.
The Smallville (Season 2) DVD offers a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "Vortex" in which Clark rescues Lana from certain death while Jonathan is buried alive with a obnoxious journalist smallville DVD Meanwhile, Lex Luthor struggles with his own personal guilt while at the bedside of his critically injured father…
Supernatural is a show that much like many of the creatures, ghosts and ghouls that populate its universe – just refuses to dieSupernatural DVD
Colin Morgan is the series' title character, Merlin, and instead of being an old man, he's reimagined as a young man charged with serving the prince. The prince in this story, Arthur (Bradley James), is not yet a king; the King of this land is his father, Uther Pendragon, played by Buffy's Anthony Head. Merlin DVD
The plots are multi-layered with enticing twists like the latter, but by keeping the format short and snappy like the former it zips along very ably. Weeds can’t be recommended enough as a thoroughly addictive habit that is so good for your mental health there is no reason not to it keep going back for more.Weeds DVD
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