Watashi ni xx Shinasai-Chapter 25(Corrected Link)
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I wasn't really sure where to post this and wasn't really sure how many people read it but the current chapter 25 that was uploaded was completely wrong had errors that normally it wouldnt have, clearly it wasn't uploaded by the original people who do the scans but i was able to find a link with the proper translations so i posted it here so others could properly read the chapter.

Watashi ni xx Shinasai Chapter 25(Correct Translations)

If any users decided to use it enjoy and hopefully the real chapter will be taken down and this one will be put up
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The problem is that the owner hasn't been on here for month and he pays other people to post the chapters.
So it will probably won't be fixed but I sure hope it will be fixed.

and thanks for the link
I think people will appreciate it
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
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