the best love romance do you think ??
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i have no idea. do you have ??
i'd to read it too...
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the best romance is DearS well it is with aliens

So the best romance without aliens is Suzuka
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I really liked moe kare for its ending.

Good ending is okay too but the current chappies are making me go "nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
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yes suzuka and kimi no iru machi are good and done by the same mangaka.

though my fave one at the moment is Good Ending gotta say, i just love the way its written and the view point of the main character and the realistic problems of a guy thats not perverted, and just normal. surprised how well its done especially cuz its from a guys view point and its written by a woman, really is fantastic recommend all the way.
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