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Alternative Name ゴン
Years of Released 1992
Status Completed
Author(s) Tanaka Masashi
Artist(s) Tanaka Masashi
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Seinen
Type Japanese Manga

Synopsis - Gon, a tiny dinosaur with a huge attitude, has adventures as he travels through forests and rivers, swims with fish and even flies with birds. Gon and his animal friends communicate without speaking, with Gon giving the occasional bite to teach a bully a lesson.

As I was continuing my never ending search for quality manga(s), I've noticed this particular piece. I was drawn by it's name, and main cover, as it reminded me of a hidden character from Tekken 3, and it really is him. Due to that, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing, blatantly obvious, is that there are no dialogs, nor onomatopoeias. It left me a bit dubious, but as I proceeded to read, the doubt was replaced by a stupendous amazement. The art style is completely mesmerizing, due to being done with such meticulousness, and depicted so vividly. Gon is one of the best portrayed characters I managed to see. He is simplistic, yet has an ambiguous personality, honorable, yet cunning, relaxed, yet pernicious - best described as capricious. Everything previously mentioned pertains to the overall comedic sense of this manga, and makes it hilarious to no extent. There is no real plot. Gon is discontinuously thrown into different flora & fauna, each time with a different scenario, albeit it always resolves around his quest for food, or his indigenous attempts. This manga is mix of everything, be it parody, friendship, violence, comedy, albeit with a perfect dose of all those aspects. Also worth of mention is, it's innovative approach, quite commendable. Do give it a try, enjoy.
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