Memorable deaths ?
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Which characters deaths were so deplorable / lamentable, that effected you on a more subjective level ?

Feel free to not limit yourself upon one death only, considering you elaborate each one you mention.
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Oh I like this thread(That sounds depressing that I like it Oh well)

Most likely the death that made me most somber was Jiraiya from Naruto Ship. He was my over all favorite character and once he died I was depressed and didnt want to keep reading for a while. Ill always remember that incident.

The other death that really effected me was Michael's from 'Ares' how it effected ares so much, ill never forget it.
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When Nyu died in elfen lied... i cried
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Gen from Kekkaishi, he was my favorite
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Whats the name of the boy from Tokyo magnitude 8.0?? cant be bother to look it up..... anyway I already know what happen from wikipedia (damn you) even so me and little sister (who was watching at the time) cried at the last three episodes. It was the first time when an anime made be cried
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