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Who here reads Kekkaishi? Well, if u do, then you must know Kekkaishi recently just ended with its last chapter, chapter 345. I loved Kekkaishi it was such a great manga. However, i wish Yoshimori would have participated in the final fight, the fact that he didnt was a let down. I also wish Yoshi's mother would have stayed in the human world. Souji finally showed emotion, that was cool and funny because of the pencil. Souji is also my favorite character tied with Gen and also Yoshimori. So, whats your opinion on the manga and its ending? who were your favorite characters?
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ohoooo maybe ill go finish reading it now lol.
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i thought the ending was a bit vague I've come to expect that from manga and anime though.
the final battle wasn't much it felt like it was over before it started.
my favorite character was Yoshimori because i remember him best.
i think it should have had something about what happened to his mom and the kid.
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It wasn't like how I expected but to say it was a let-down... I probably disagree..
But yeah, I wish his mother would stay in the human world. The ending kinda' sad. But if you look at it in another way, they already describe his mother as the best kekkaishi and they wanted to keep it that way, so if suddenly Yoshimori was better, that would be weird.
And his mother character is that no one ever understand her, and she couldn't understand others too. I guess that's just a given to geniuses. They don't see the world the way we do.

As for favourite character, mine would be Yoshimori.
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