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KatekyoHitmanReborn has appeared to go on some childish rampage at the moment, I highly suggest you ignore him for the time being.

As we all know the main point of this site is to provide manga to those who otherwise wouldnt be able to read it. I think we can all agree that this function is being furfilled. Its a very tough task to have to update a site, not to mention money. So having people curse out of it because the forum may be slow is inappropriate and very silly. Chill out, seriously.

Anywho for the time being I'll be checking in until Andy has an oppertunity to reply ^^ Please don't hesitate to ask me questions, I'll do my best.*

*Unless your doing a childish rampage thing, then I'll just ignore you. ;)
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Sorry about taht >.<

I was in a very bad mood, and needed to take it out somehwere nobody would ever see.

Looks like i had to THAT far to atleast know you guys haven't completely give up on this place -_-
It's the Lambizzle, yo.

Moo ^.^
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