Three tiers of PvP gear
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Yesterday,I find a Guide about FFXIV and I think it is very useful, so share it with you:PvP gear contains the “morale” stat which both boosts damage dealt to players while reducing incoming damage taken from ff14 gil( This stat seems to be quite powerful and as a result PvP gear is very valuable. In fact, Morale is strong enough in PvP that that even the item level 55 HQ crafted gear feels similar in strength to item level 90 gear Allagan/Tomestone gear. The item level 70 gear PvP gear seems to actually be superior to item level 90 PvE gear thanks to the strength of Morale. There are currently three tiers of PvP gear:

* Wolf: elaborate devices are called wolves set. This device is a 55 level.
* Warwolf: Warwolf gear Project 70 , the first group can trace from the wolves . It cost a quarter Direwolf device .
* Direwolf: Direwolf equipment 90 , the current top PvP groups. 100 wins and only need to buy accessories Direwolf set. These works also need a PvP of 30 equipment.

While you may not want to run out and buy the level 55 armor pieces carefully if you already have all the equipment items 90 , 90 if there is no item of equipment, you will want to complete a level 55 set. Also, note that the headquarters is not too far from making the wolf accessories PvP gear aspects of statistical data from , but the wolf gear also provides morale. Therefore, you may want to use a full wolf at the project level 70 - 90 PvE servers Accessories . This will help boost your morale without sacrificing too many statistics.

Warwolf and Direwolf twill contain empty slots , only active on the stage . Although you can use the rules and disciplines in these times , there are also available wolf purchase is subject to increase your " resistance" crowd control effects such as sleep and dizziness . However, these subjects are quite expensive ( 1250 points ) , so it will not be easy to accumulate a lot of resistance. Many players have a problem you should try to save the project 90 -point equipment or whether it should be cheaper to buy 70 items of equipment . The answer is , it depends .

You can only afford a few items 90 ranked PvP gear once touched 30 even if you save all your traces of wolves , so in theory you are wasting by expenditure item 70 equipment. However, you may win more often if you buy Warwolf gear morale will help improve your self- harm, while reducing your losses . Additional win rate can help Warwolf gear pays for itself . If you play mainly through personal queue , it may be a long ride in a pure top 30 interactive devices.You can click or Final Fantasy Xiv Gil to read more
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