The Elder Scrolls OL Has Been Criticized for Bad Combat Effects
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Recently, The Elder Scrolls OL chief game designer Nick Konkle in the media interview discussed with reporters about the game features, mechanisms, and other interesting content.

Reporters has brought up several inquiries which are most concerned by players in the community. Compared to the previous generations of the Elder Scrolls game, why gamer feels that the gaming experience feel like soft and less combat effects? Will arena and PK features be added in the gameplay? Will gamers gain epic and rare items and gears in game? How is the ESO gold system design?

Nick Konkle also said experience with the soft combat effect problem only occurs in the game early testing phase, and the production team has been working on strengthen the gaming experience. In addition, the arena will not available at the beginning of the game release, it will be expected to be added in a later expansion pack. As for rare equipment, when the players has reached the level cap, there will be able to gain very unique and rare equipment. Like the most familiar gold system, TESO gold can be acquired or rewarded by doing quest and leveling skill for selling materials and other commodities. More coming information will be released soon. Stay tuned.

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