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Man this place has gone to the dogs, hasn't it? If anyone is still around though, how are you?
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I agree that it's not much left of what it once was here so sometimes it feel alittle lonely when you check trough the forum.
Personaly I'm good, I've found a new hobby that takes up most of my spare time now when I can't play Magic The Gathering as much as I used to play it but it's always fun to go into the forum here on mangable and see that there are atleast some people that types here sometimes.
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Plug and socket mechanically
What a bolt, in all other bolt in the accessible state protection, state shall practise a system of strict production license and safety certificate. Every normal manufacturer production of plug socket, the product has the production license number, security certification number and the Great Wall sign factory, at the same time, indicate the nature of voltage and DC Power Jack Dell Inspiron 600M 630M 640M 500M 510M current rating, power symbol, a production factory name, product specifications and protection grade, etc. With a grounding plug socket marked with its grounding earthing symbol, take over the power cord of the socket marked with rated current is less than the plug socket marked with rated current. Plug socket above labeled incomplete of the inferior quality goods. Second, judging from electric shock proof protection: GB20991 national mandatory standard, socket in design should be: when installed in accordance with the requirements of normal use socket and connect the line for live parts is not easy to hit, even those who don't use tool to remove the parts after the demolition. Plug in partial or full with socket fit should not touch live parts of plug. DC JACK POWER PORT CABLE TOSHIBA C655D-S5130Determine if meet above requirement, the easy way is to, with a little touch of socket set, should not touch the plug set of live parts; Insert plug and socket part or all of us, and then try with a little touch live parts, also should not be touched. In addition, ren qian Lin plug contact pressure. On the insulation of the connector should be..
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