Classic "pillowcase (girl character)" Market otaku!
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Body pillow of these characters, but there are several theories, a theory that was developed in the concept of "enjoy a sense of unity" and favorite game of love girl character " To Heart "is editor of gaming magazine in 1996 is likely this is a

In a first cosplay costume production "COSPA" what length 150 cm, width 50 cm, cylindrical is the norm, the body about ¥ 5000, ¥ 10,000 before and after almost double the coverage. responsible leaders to analyze "If there is even the body, you can easily change to another character immediately attractive," he said.

Comiket, アニメ抱き枕カバー it can also sell 1000 copies in one thing one day because the original limited edition design has appeared on the popular cartoon character. In this Comiket, Konata hero Izumi anime "Lucky Star Cluster But (6.800 yen, character and Anime Dot Com) and the popular light novel Spice and Wolf" animation of the original which was con U sleep poses a manga reading the heroine is the "Photo pillow cover a fairly radical concept of God holo wolf as a young girl (¥ 10,000, Pony Canyon), as was the strong sales.

Arc System Works game in the series "Guilty Gear" I am preparing the pillow Pretty Valentine character. Back to quite stylish design, the first day of the female customers, more sales How to display the back, the second day of sales increased by three days of males center customers, the wearing. Csaba Takakazu marketing director of the company said: This product is applied to the purchase of male fans, "he said.

This is a great product leaned fan of psychology, want to stay together and favorite character from the futon. Fans who bought the preferred pillow Comike character will be seen or a good Hatsuyume.
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