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Tissot T02 "In order to achieve that, their plans have to be based on the foundations of knowledge and wisdom.consumers are showing growing interest in buying wide array of watches to complement outfits and hobbies, the study said, noting that products gaining major importance are the ones with fashion statement

Tissot T02 "In the past, the luxury brands were so high above the normal consumer here, but now they are trying to break into China's market. They want people to know more about luxury products. They want to devote more attention to Chinese consumers," Xue said.

Tissot T02 The new space is circled by Carat, the area dedicated to jewellery and accessories, with the halls laid out in such a way that buyers in the jewellery and lifestyle segments will have only short distances to cover to reach the watch area.

Tissot T02 Following a steep but short decline in sales in 2009, the global luxury market is thriving once more. Affluent consumers are returning to premium brands, and those with newfound wealth are discovering them for the first time. Industry analysts forecast that the market will grow 65 percent between 2010 and 2015. A recent study conducted by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. has forecast that global watches market would reach $46.6 billion by 2017. With improvement in discretionary incomes.
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