ar0156 first voice command watch
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ar0156 But, while some $11.5 million worth of assets were reported to police as being misappropriated, only $207,775 was recovered - some 1.88 per cent.

ar0157 China continues to show strong interest in Swiss luxury watches despite a slowdown in the world's fastest growing economy, according to a survey of Internet searches released Monday.

ar5859 "Clearly our Economic and Government Transformation Programmes are beginning to show results and taking us in the right direction. Nonetheless, there is more to be done."

ar0585 About Martian Watches Founded in 2007, Martian Watches is an Irvine, California-based developer of unique personal wireless communication solutions that are reshaping how we communicate with friends, family and the world. The Martian engineering team has an extensive history in Bluetooth development, having created the world's smallest system-on-chip solution for Bluetooth wireless systems. Martian is best known for the award-winning SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Device, a two-way voice communication watch and for developing the world's first voice command watch.
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