T009. customers shop for the best buys
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T009. Dubbing national branding as a country's calling card, Muhyiddin said that countries with good reputations always attracted investments.

T009. World of Watches is an award-winning website that has been selling watches to tens of thousands of satisfied customers since 2003. In both 2007 and 2008, Inc. Magazine selected worldofwatches.com as one of America's 500 Fastest Growing Companies in its annual Inc. 500 list. World of Watches gives customers a superior shopping experience with:

T009. After the presents have been ripped open, the turkey banquet and all its trimmings devoured, the tipples quaffed and the Christmas movies watched, there is one more ritual that's become a must for thousands of people in the Capital during the festive season: the sales.

T02.1.285.54 "I would expect 2013 to be on a par with this year on entry and mid-market, with perhaps very slight negative growth, and the high end to deliver single-digit growth as compared with last year," says Jones. "I also believe that a combination of price sensitivity and service levels will determine the success of many watch retailers, as again customers shop for the best buys."
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