T064. watches as we know them today
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T064. The Sala IV reduced the amount of the fines approved in October by the new Traffic Law, saying the penalties were disproportionately high. The maximum fine was changed from ?468,780 ($937) to ?280,000 ($560) for drivers caught exceeding 120 kilometers per hour.

T048.417.27.057.03 The team made 200 prototypes, all of which smashed. A few adjustments to the casing ensured that the timepieces cases survived the fall but the electronics still suffered upon impact. Ibe says he left no stone unturned in his quest to solve this issue, but it was a chance encouter that provided him with the solution.

T048.417.27.057.05 These accessories can take a variety of forms, from cufflinks, leather goods, wallets and sunglasses through to items such as bikes and headphones. These are the add-on sales, the gifting products, those desirable objects that enable shoppers to feel like they are part of the brand's world for, typically, a smaller price tags that its watches.

T005.517.11.047.00 "Every time you look at the watch you're made aware that you don't have to throw everything away."While walking through a park he passed a girl bouncing a ball and this gave Ibe his very own Newton-apple moment as he was struck by the inspiration to create a G-Shock with a floating circuit. This design has remained the base of G-Shock watches as we know them today.
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