Palestinian awarded a "certificate" young people excited collapsed
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On the afternoon of November 29, the United Nations General Assembly held a vote on the draft resolution on the Palestinian position in the United Nations ".north face coats The result of the vote was 138 votes in favor and nine votes against, with 41 abstentions, overwhelmingly passed a resolution.The United Nations has 193 full members, including 188 representatives of Member States to participate in the November 29 vote. The vote in favor of countries, including France, Russia, China, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Italy, to vote against the United States, Israel, Canada, the Czech Republic, as well as several Pacific island,North Face Outlet Locations the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, South Korea and some Balkan countries abstained.

The result of the vote is not surprisingly. Before the vote, Abbas speech at the UN General Assembly. 65 years ago (1947), the United Nations General Assembly resolution 181, Palestinian land is divided into two countries, this resolution to become Israel's birth certificate,northface coats "he said," Today, the General Assembly to hear the voices birth certificate, given a real Palestinian state. "Palestine since 1974 to become a United Nations observer entity thereafter repeatedly sought to enhance the status of the United Nations.North Face Coupons Palestine in September last year, seeking to become a full member of the United Nations due to failure of the United States and Israel to obstruct this transition strategy changed to apply to become "the observer countries.
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