cheap Christmas Lingerie Costume
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Steel boned underbust corset in dramatic silver and black with gored hips for an extreme ''''burlesque'''' corset shape.Mae was our first sexy corset to feature gored hips cheap G-string and this extreme version nips in the waist by a further 2 inches!The beauty of the goring is that the waist be cinched down as tightly as you like, with very little compression of the cheap Christmas Lingerie Costume hips; resulting in a very pronounced hourglass shape. Those with a large waist-hip ratio look particularly spectacular in Mae, as with all our gored hip designs. You may also like Lure Low-cut Corset. Corset dresses are of two types. First, congenital corset for acknowledging apprehension and second, a abstracted corset top for skirts. It gives blaze to waist also. In these dresses corset accredit to high allotment of the apparel till waist portion.
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