Transient Mirage is Recruiting for staff members
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Transient Mirage is still RECRUITING!!!!!!!!!

Is there anyone who wants to join? you all are very welcome to join us!

Available Positions:
- Translators {Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish & Japanese} [HIGHLY NEEDED!]
- Proofreaders {2 more}
- Editors {2 Cleaners &/or 3 Typesetters}
- Quality Checkers {1 more}
*Note* There are no tests to take. But we do want hardworking and responsible people.

Listed here are our current projects
Listed here are our upcoming projects
Listed here are our future projects

Contact Us!
Site || Forum
Our email address ~
Feel free to pm me for more details as well.

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Transient Mirage
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ok I know this is advertising but I'll let it pass cause its totally related to manga.Without groups like these you wouldn't have manga to read (online). I might take you up on that offer Runa
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i accidentally asked about editing but i wanted to do proofreading 0_0
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