Merry christmas
24th December 2011 22:53 #1
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merry christmas to all of you aussies, azns, and pacific islanders. For all of you on the other side of the world....

sucks to be you.
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25th December 2011 03:22 #2
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Merry Christmas Everyone!!
or in japanese:Akemashite omedetou mina!
Warning: I might fall asleep on the spot.
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Huzzah for Christmas! Eggnog ohohoho! My mom makes Psychedelic* Eggnog every year. Well, almost every year. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th with the direct family and on the 25th with the extended family that live in the neighborhood. I don't usually go to the extended version because there are relatives that I loath that go there so yeah lame.
*inside joke, not really any mind altering substances are used in the eggnog.
Insane: 1 In a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
2 A quality or action characterized or caused by madness.
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Merry Christmas to everybody
I think I am a little crazy
25th December 2011 17:45 #5
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Merry Christmas or how we say it in my country: Craciun Fericit!
26th December 2011 07:26 #6
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belated Merry Chritsmas to all of you guys and advance happy new year :)

Yummy Roti Prata
27th December 2011 17:20 #7
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merry late christmas :3
Rawr!!!!! i was half alive on christmas.... so boring
on the other hand christmas eve was the f***** s***
please excuse my street language
Die Teen Drama Die!!! *stabs Teen Drama*
Teen Drama: never mwahahahah!!! Agh noooooo *falls into epic whirlpool of evil in whih it came from*
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