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@Mei-chang: ehm it's not strange to not tell her (double negative)
that would be an awkward conversation

And i also got an attachment with someone. He is a friend of mine and still is. I know him for like 16 years now,

@Salynn: well i never heard that name before. Is it an American name?
my name is Jens by the way , but don't abuse it because I have that name copyrighted
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My username actually started off as Mars Racers, Mars being my real name (believe it or not, its true) and the racers part was from Igpx Racers (commercials on tv was the only thing i know about this anime). As for my skyhawk666, when i was making another account for runescape, it wouldn't let me do sky hawk and so i was looking at the suggestions. Since we need to know our screen name in order to log in back then, i saw sky hawk666 and i just thought, oh this is easy to remember. i was like 9 at this time and had no idea what the numbers meant until i was like 13... so pretty much the vast amounts i played during those years i used skyhawk666 without knowing anything or skyblade6 (just a small variation) if skyhawk666 was taken.
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