FFinal Fantasy XI Gil Free Company Housing Basic introduction
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Free Company Housing is now available. Any Buy FFXI Gil that's reached rank 6 is eligible to buy a house, it could be expensive. Currently owning you've gotten no benefits, inside the long run it's anticipated to be added in in.

Before you even consider choosing a house, your Free Company must reach level 6. They might try this through doing much more of what your FC has already developed in the past. Leveling, completing quests, leves, these types of insert more progress towards ranking up.

Upon reaching 6, you can then go to 1 of several three available locations away from each starting town. With take advantage hand, you can then circumambulate, browsing the number of lots after which it get a block of land. While using the plot, after that you can deposit and commence building your home in the leisure.

The housing zone location
Housing are given it's own zone, along with the Final Fantasy XI Gil new zones is available coupled on the low level areas away from starting cities.

If walking isn't your thing however, you could complete a quest in each starting town that will enable you to utilize that towns Aethernet to teleport directly to the housing zone.
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