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One important theme at E3 was the acceleration of digital downloads of full games. Microsoft announced that it would soon enable downloads of 30 titles in its library, some of them just a Final Fantasy XIV Gil year old. Sony announced that the PSP Go would rely on digital downloads instead of a physical disc for all of its new titles and most of the games already available digitally.

As you can imagine, my gaming time has been greatly curtailed since opening the store. Even when I do have down time, I'm so mentally exhausted, that I'm more apt to catch up on TV shows or watch a movie. I have done a bit of gaming here and there whatever can be done in small spurts and without formal grouping.

ARDAU refers to the total mobile game revenues for a given period, divided by the number of days in that period, further divided by the average DAU during the period. ARDAU reflects overall monetization for mobile game users. DAU and ARDAU are metrics the Company uses most frequently to monitor its mobile game's performance.
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