Metal Gear Solid 5 is freedom
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Metal Gear Solid V is the first game in the series to make the jump to the sandbox theme. Hideo Kojima explained the way in which these developments take place, reassuring skeptical FIFA Ultimate Team Coins IOS players, fearing a break with the essence of the series.

Definitely one of the most impressive Xbox One presentation during E3 2013 we lived with technical demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V, exhibited by Hideo Kojima. The game was shown for the first time on a flexible and open world with dynamic weather effects and gameplay really striking.

However, some players fear the title loses its identity and Kojima, aware of this, has released a message of reassurance: " The term ' open world ' is often misunderstood by people. You will not see a game where you can take the day fishing with Snake, or you can change your career to start a new life. That will not be the case. "

His statements, collected by the portal Siliconera and Famitsu originally published, are the most challenging, as it clear that this is a mature and ambitious project, which will not renounce its history nor a good script: "While we will have a enormous freedom in Metal Gear Solid V always be clear what you have to do. For example, help a character, destroy a target, or get information. There will always be defined missions ".

However, not talking about a game corseted, much less. In this sense, the difference from its predecessors will be substantial: "Until now, we could have just infiltration missions. Appeared in a demo that showed how to access. If players concluded the mission, appeared another sequence in which a helicopter going to pick "and added: " Browse map, hear the details of the mission, decide where to go, how to equip and undertake the mission, will be a fun way to rethink things. "

Kojima bet, then, for an open game but guided, in which the narrative will have a substantial weight. A welcome decision, as far are concepts incompatible. In fact, games like GTA 5 have shown that you can tell an entertaining story with a very cinematic rhythm, and all offer exciting action.
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Recently, the members of Arenanet company Mike "Z" in the IGN on the first anniversary of the Guild Wars 2 game were interviewed, of which he hinted that some of the upcoming events.

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