It might be the best Show
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Season three of True Blood was easily the best season of this highly addictive supernatural drama yet. Why we

love it is pretty easy to see – it’s violent, sexy, and sports some terrific writing with a growing story

line that is more and more expansive. In other words, it might be the best soap opera set in a horrifying

universe since Dark Shadows.True Blood DVD
The Big Bang Theory DVD
You see, Leonard and Penny don't have the kind of fairy tale "happily ever after" dating life that drags down

so many other sitcoms, but their genuine affection for each other comes across so real that even though they

hit some really rough patches, you still want to see them together even though it seems unlikely that things

will ever reach "happily ever after."
Weeds proved in its fifth season just how keen it is to evolve, most boldly in the journey of Shane, Nancy’s

doe-eyed youngest son, who has grown into a bizarre, ominous adolescent worthy of Noah Baumbach.

Weeds DVD
Glee DVDAnd lastly, the absence of Vocal

Adrenaline’s performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” also from the “Journey to Regionals” episode is just

disappointing. That was Glee guest star, Jonathan Groff’s shining moment on the show, and was also one of the

best performances of the entire first season.
"Smallville" follows the adventures of a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), the epitome of all American boy next

door wholesomeness. Over the course of the series Clark struggles with everyday teenage angst and deals with

his emerging superpowers and battles the strange things that have plagued his home of Smallville, Kansas since

the meteor shower that brought him to Earth. smallville DVD
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