The Big Bang Theory letting the girls have more fun
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The universe expands in the fourth season of the uproarious CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” letting the

girls have more fun on the popular geek-chic series.The Big Bang Theory DVDGenius roommates Leonard Hofstadter ( Johnny Galecki ) and

Sheldon Cooper (two-time Emmy winner Jim Parsons ), physicists at the California Institute of Technology , seek

out new re...
While each member of the gang gets in depth individual storylines, some of the best moments of the season are

still the groups shared outings. Whether it’s the guys’ reaction to Eric’s girlfriend Ashley, Johnny’s

efforts to convince Jamie to join his TV show or the never ending mystery of who will end up going to Italy

with Vince to film his next movie, the entourage as a whole share plenty of great scenes.

Entourage DVD
If you've been enjoying Supernatural all along, Season Six doesn't disappoint, and the DVD set offers more of

the same quality extras as earlier sets. If you're a little daunted by the notion of stepping into a series so

late in its run, Season Six is a great jumping-on point. All you need to know is that they stopped the

apocalypse and Sam died and went to Hell for it.Supernatural DVD
Weeds DVDWeeds' fourth season

successfully changed locales for the series, furthered along continuing plots, and ended on a doozy of a

cliffhanger which could make for an interesting season five to say the least. It certainly makes one want to

watch the new season later this month.
“In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy.

His name: Merlin”. Merlin DVD
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