Fantasy Baseball!
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Welcome to Fantasy Baseball!

To join:
Type in your Team's Name.
Assign a Stat point (1). Offense or Defense.

To start a game:
Game xx : (your team name here) vs. (your chosen enemy team)
xx= is the game number (example: this is the very first game, then you put. Game 1) if another players will have a game then it will be Game 2...

it will be posted. you cannot play again unless the results are in.
detailed activity will be posted for each inning. pending games are posted below.

Player Status (number/name/team/level/off.stat/def.stat)
001. arsetothem - Skyliner - level 1 - off: 1 - def: 0

Player Standing: (number/name/team/games/win/lose/tie)
001. arsetothem - Skyliner - game 0 - win 0 - lose 0 - tie 0

Pending Games:
Hate me if you can! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! just kidding!... seriously, im practically unhateable... i think... ummmmmm... what?
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