Original Roleplay (for Maddie :P)
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While in her phantom form, Fae crept up behind Lupus. Suddenly, she appeared from behind him and whispered,

"It's the number of days you have left. I would know... I'm just joking!!"

Mission accomplished, Lupus was frightened out of his mind for a moment. To prove it, she could tell by the hairs sticking up on the back of his neck although he tried not to show it. Fae laughed histerically at his expression. He would be scared, you can't smell or see a ghost when they go phantom. All Lupus saw was a form abruptly materialize behind him in the mirror.

"I told you not to do that," he half growled angrily, "Where's Kaiten?"

"I don't know, he said something about a human girl before he took off," said Fae nonchalantly.
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name: violet coral
race: vampire
-part-time actress
-full-time assassin
height: 5'5"
weight: 110 pounds
age: 17
-long curly black hair
-captivating red eyes
-perfect figure
-the most perfect smile
charming, cunning, smart, calculative, the little-miss-perfect type..
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meow :3
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Is this just dead?
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Yep. For a bout a year or so now xD
It's the Lambizzle, yo.

Moo ^.^
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