Using these methods will help you get a lot of
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The exact number is 78, but remember, you could burn. To minimize burns, use the special range of Lumbridge. To reach level 40, you will need to do exactly 588 scrambled eggs. However, you will burn quite a few bowls of eggs to get the ingredients to make 620 is recommended. However, if you do the amount of 35 so you can cook pizza and wine, you only need 292.This number must be included in 330 if you burn too many.At as a level 40-50, you start getting into cooking the lobster. It will not be very useful for you at this level, because you will burn too many.

Using these methods will help you get a lot of XP. If you are between levels 50-70, new fish, like lobster and swordfish can be cooked without burning too. These methods should not fast to make sure you reach level 70 in a minimal amount of time.Lobsters are a good fish for cooking. They give 120 XP each, and can be bought and sold at about the same price. There are two ways to get these fish. Obtain the fish yourself. The fish can be fished in a variety of places. They can be taken from these locations.
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