Dashboardsetting to "not read anymore", not possible for Bleach Manga
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Not an urgent bug, but annoying.
Can´t read Bleach here anymore, so I want erase it out of my Dashboard, but there are no Links to change settings anymore.

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You cant remove mangas from your dashboard what anyone knows of. This have been a problem many have asked for but most have 2 or more of the same manga that wants to remove the one they wont use.
I would recommend you to move them to dropped or something then start reading them on another site if you dont prefer it the way it is
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so I want erase Cheap WOW Gold it out of my Dashboard, but there are no Links to change settings anymore.
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I too am in this same boat and if I can't remove manga and they will not remove manga from dashboard that is dropped I will have to stop using this manga reading site as it will fill up with dropped manga that we can not remove from the dashboard. If a manga is dropped or removed it needs to give us a delete option.
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