HTML error on chapter list sidebar (a href tag not closed)
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Hi Andy,

This is Victor, the developer of the Mango manga reader app. You posted on my Facebook page not long ago. :P

A user emailed me with an issue he was having accessing two particular titles in the app. Specifically, Angel Beats - Heaven's Door and VITA Sexualis.

After some investigation, I see that the artist/author fields for both of those titles are bugged in that there seems to be an incomplete HTML tag in the database record, which is throwing off Mango's parser.

Since Mango's own author/artist database uses the data available on that sidebar, I was able to to generate a list of titles with authors or artists who have HTML in their names.

'Amaenaideyo!! MS'
'D.C. II - Imaginary Future'
'Delilah's Mystery'
'Destiny's Hand'
'Dragon Nest: Shungeki no Sedo'
'Fairy Megane'
'Futakoi Alternative'
'Gensoku Tsundere Danshi Ikenai Sensei'
'Gold (FUJITA Kazuko)'
'Gundam UC: Bande Dessinee'
'High School'
'Kidou Senshi Gundam MSV-R: Johnny Ridden no Kikan'
'Knight Princess'
'Last Ranker - Be the Last One'
'Little Busters! EX the 4-Koma'
'Megane - Hazushitemo Ii desu ka?'
'Night Wizard Variable Witch'
'Shirube no Michi'
'Sora no Shita Yane no Naka'
'Speak Through Colors'
'Sweet II'
'Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus'
'Togainu no Chi'
'VITA Sexualis'
'Dare Nimo'
'Fate/stay night x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha'
'Fated To Love You'
'Kimikiss - Sweet Lips'
'Lucky Star Comic a la Carte'
'Neon Genesis Evangelion - Shinji to Asuka to Atsui Hi'
'Shine at Your Fingertip'
'Shinyaku "Kyojin no Hoshi" Hanagata'

Obviously it's a small cosmetic issue, but I just figured it'd be helpful to point out. Thanks for your time. ^__^
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Hey Victor,

Thanks for letting me know about that! And, thanks for the list - would have taken a little longer without, cheers :)

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