Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove my name from the X email updates subscription?

The easiest way to remove your email subscription for a particular manga, is to manage its subscription status on your dashboard

How do I use this site?

Using this site couldn't be easier. We try to make it as simple to use as possible: 1. Click On the Manga Series List and choose a series from there 2. Choose a series that you'd like to begin reading 3. Read it! Click on the picture to jump to the next page. There are drop down menus incase you want a specific page/chapter

I have a suggestion for your site

Great! Don't hesitate to visit our contact page, or if you're a member, create a new topic in our Suggestions, Improvements and Feedback forums and let us know

Sometimes when I refresh a page, it takes me back to my dashboard

Only users with Facebook profiles linked to their Mangable account will experience this. After you have been inactive for a while, we check that you still have Mangable enabled on your Facebook.

What do I need to browse this site?

We recomend Google Chrome as your browser, a screen resolution of at least 1024x768, and for certain features of the site, javascript is required to be enabled

Why is the quality of the manga so low?

Compared to other sites, our image quality is higher. There are several reasons; The first being for you, our readers. Keeping the image size under control will let you have a fluent browsing experience, not having to wait, and wait.. for the images to load. It also puts less stress on our servers, keeps the site running quickly, and keeps the running cost of the site down.