Facebook => Mangable Information

Thinking about linking your Facebook account to Mangable? Look no further

Tell me more

Firstly, it is not another username and password combination that you have to remember. Once your account is linked, if you are logged into Facebook, you will be automatically logged into Mangable when you visit us

We also create you a Mangable profile. Essentially, you are a regular member with a couple of added bonuses. Your profile is filled automatically, and whenever you change your Facebook profile picture, your Mangable profile picture is also changed

What information do you store?

We store information that is publicly available on your profile. In addition, we require your date of birth, simply for verification purposes (not displayed to anyone else) Also, your email address is stored, so you can receive updates whenever your chosen manga is updated. But don't worry, there is the option to decide which manga you recieve emails for

What about my regular Mangable account?

Don't worry about that. We will convert your exising Mangable account, into a Facebook account. You will lose nothing, and will still only have one account!


If you'd like to see the features that registered members get, in addition to the Facebook features that you receive, then visit the members features page